Three Cent Silver – 1851-1873. Regularly listed on eBay, this coin currently fetches between £6.50 and £10 – a tidy profit on its face value. 1 British Pound is about $1.62 USD/CAD or about $1.14 Euros. I have been collecting coins for 9 years and have no 2008 Old (Royal Arms) one pound coin yet. CYC-Admin I’ve had a look and it says scarcity of 2 but the photo you’re using is 2008. Sarah Jane Kimberley I don’t think there are any known fakes yet. 2009 Shield should be fairly easy to find. I got a £1 coin dated 2017, which has what looks like a face in the gap to the left of the stem and to the right of the ‘n’ and ‘e’. think I either have a fake one or a miss struck one ? I have 20012, 2009, all the 2009 say Elizabeth 11 Gibraltar. many thanks in advance 24th February 2017, I have a 2010 pound coin with London on it. None are actually commemorative designs. I’m not aware of any fakes of those. Hi, I have a complete set of all 46 round pound coins, many are circulated and some uncirculated, some are very rare and some are in mint condition. Stephen I have 1997, 2001 and 2012 one pound coins with Decus et Tutamen edge which reads reverse side up, but a 1991 coin which reads the same but obverse side up. The mintage refers to the number of coins created and circulated by the Royal Mint. The 5th portrait shield reverse £1 was the one only available in sets. Make offer. 28th February 2017. Perhaps someone gold plated it. Specifications of the £1 coin are shown at the bottom of this page. Simply enter the total number of silver pounds and/or troy pounds into the silver pound calculator below. Impossible to say without seeing it. If so, that’s totally random and the fact that is it even a ‘thing’ is down to a completely false story in the Sun in December 2016. Are the 2009 and 2016 (Royal Arms) Shield both uncirculated editions ? Holding the coins vertically, one has the ‘et’ just off 12 o clock, with the second, it’s more like 1 o clock and the third has it at 2.30. CYC-Admin Send pictures of them if you like. Alejandro Hi, I have 2 X 1983 £1 coins with the coat of arms, the edge writing is upside down on one, is there any value to either of them please? Katie Wales: Cardiff City £1. what is the difference between the two 2015 shield one pound coins please? thou mine is 2013 and not 2009 ?? 1st March 2017. 1 shilling 1949 (1949-1952) copper-nickel Diameter 23.5 mm. Jules, CYC-Admin Thanks very much, Hi, I was wondering if you could help me? No, there’s only one type for 1998. The 2012 says Elizabeth Queen of Gibraltar 2012 and the head is significally smaller aa are the shoulders? Quite subtle, but unmistakable. One example features the new coin design stamped on an old £1 blank. 14th April 2017. How common is it? Is it a fake? And no rim beading as standard. 11th June 2017. After more than 30 years in the nation’s pockets, the familiar round £1 coin was replaced with an all new, 12-sided £1 coin in 2017. I don’t really see any used circulated pound coins being worth anything more than £1, especially a few years later and due to the fact that there are plenty in perfect condition in the annual sets (plenty to satisfy demand). £290cash to an arab gold shop just off edgeware road in london, he teasted weighed it and said thats what he will pay Its obverse bears the Latin engraving ELIZABETH II D G REG F D meaning, "Elizabeth II, by the grace of God, Queen, Defender of the Faith". 28th February 2017. Marius 18th February 2017. The British one pound coin is a denomination of the pound sterling. I think a couple have been found before, but as they will only have come from broken up packs they are very hard to find. 10th October 2016. Worth anything? Should be 1997 for that design, so it’s almost certainly a fake. $37.58.   &nbps;   It’s certainly a wrong ‘un. Gwillam 14th April 2017, Hi there I have a 1996 1 pound Irish cross coin with upside down writing apart from face value is it worth anything, CYC-Admin 14th January 2017, Mostly no. for it so i agreed, i cant complain i suppose it was from my change, I’ve got a 2014 £1 coin with coat of arms. British 1 Pound Coin, Various Designs of Withdrawn Coin, Several Dates Available, Sell By The Piece PopnBensCollectibles. Thanks. 31st October 2016, If they’re not on my £1 page they may be territory coins (Jersey, Isle of Man etc). Do you have an idea what it could be? Certainly the overall quality of the new £1 coins isn’t amazing. Hi I have a new 2016 £1 with only half a hologram. New £1 coins with a rare Royal Mint mistake are up for auction on eBay and could be worth up to £1,400. 6th November 2017, hello there,which 2015 shield was available only in sets? Hey i have the welsh flower pound coin but the queens head is upside down is this fake? 21st April 2017, My £1 pound is 2012 but has the same edgeingroup has the new pound coin is this rare also on the back has Tinwald Hill st John’s chapel.could u get back 2 me ASAP thank u, CYC-Admin 2003: 61,596,500 I am curious, you have listed 47 £1 coins but on the royal mint web site they mention the are 48 £1 coins. CYC-Admin Will it be worth something in the next 10 years? I have one of these dated 1994. CYC-Admin 22nd September 2016. 12th June 2017. CYC-Admin the 4th or the 5th portrait?thx, CYC-Admin 1998: Not issued However, circumstances are not completely normal. All these coins you find in circulation are made of nickel-brass and are worth face value: one pound in the UK. Can you tell me roughly what they are worth as a set. I have a 1989 pound coin with a scottish thistle in a coronet but there is no inscription on the edge. Pound coins forgeries in circulation, would be interesting but difficult task to catalogue. 6th January 2017. Old One Pound (£1) Coins - Flower Floral X 4, *Very Rare now* (A6) £4.19 4d 23h. The arch you are referring to is, I think, is the 2006 bridge coin, which is listed. The old style £1 coin was introduced in 1983 to replace the Bank of England £1 note, which remained in circulation alongside the coins until 1988. 17th February 2017. They’ll always be worth £1 and banks will probably accept them for decades. Where do I find out the pictures on my old round “1 coins & the value of them please? Four the the coins are proofs; one is a business strike. It has featured the profile of Queen Elizabeth II since the original coin's introduction on 21 April 1983. Metal Composition: 70% copper, 5.5% nickel, 24.5% zinc (referred to as nickel-brass) That design was used every year from 1997 to 2015. It’s in VGC but not quite uncirculated, were definitely none released for circulation? 17th July 2018., CYC-Admin It’s not really my area though so I can’t be of much help. Each one pound proof coin contains 0.283 troy ounces of silver.Under normal circumstances, the proof coins would be worth their weight in silver, so multiply the current price of silver (found at by 0.283 and you have the value of a silver proof coin. a lot people said that but when tested for gold content by a 3 different jewlers in london it tested as 22ct gold. Debbie You can also chose to leave now if you wish. Many Thanks. I also have a 1998 coin that is so obviously a fake – with virtually every element wrong – that one wonders if the forger did it deliberately. 25th April 2017, No, please send pics. Anyone know why and what the mintage of this was, CYC-Admin I don’t really see any used circulated pound coins being worth anything more than £1, especially a few years later and due to the fact that there are plenty in perfect condition in the annual sets (plenty to satisfy demand). FID. CYC-Admin CYC-Admin Is this a fake. Gail Richards I googled and they seem to have made them in 2008 too. 15th June 2018. DEI. Starting in 1983 the UK standardized the 1 pound coin as shown in our pictures. I have a 1993 pound coin with the writing around the outside upside down, is this common? Im trying to finish a colection of all circulated £1 coins and am confused over numbers issued. Can u help?? ‘Discovery of Neanderthal skull in Gibraltar 1848’, Are the Isle of man coins valuable? No, I can think of no reason why it should be. Sounds like the normal 2013 England floral £1 coin, which has a rose and oak representing England. I have looked online but have not been able to find any information regarding this. Thank You, CYC-Admin (Prior to that the currency was more-or-less unchanged since Victorian days. I suspect it’s just the usual recent Royal Mint quality issues that have caused that. Copyright 2009 to 2020, all rights reserved. The writing gets put onto the edge first and it sounds like it missed the last stage. Thanks, CYC-Admin 30th October 2016. I’ve got a 2008 Neanderthal skull £1…is that worth anything? Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. CYC-Admin On Ebay, these coins are currently selling for between £5 and £10 in a used condition. I wish I had £1 for every time someone asked due to that misinformation. Many thanks!!! Perhaps it’s worth more than £1 to someone. Is this real/worth anything? 27th November 2016. I can’t remember where it’s from, but it’s one of the territories (Jersey, Isle of Man etc). Also, is there a 1998 Royal Arms and if so, again was this uncirculated ? You can also click on the silver pound and troy pound weight icons to increment each value by one. and the app for Android (search Play for Check Your Change). hello, I have found a ‘flax’ £1 coin but it is dated The bust of Queen Elizabeth changes after 1983, and the reverse side changes from time to time. Do you have an idea what it could be? ” CYC-Admin This drives the price up somewhat above the silver-only value. Everyone keeps saying they start from 2009 but mine says 2008 :/ You may use these HTML tags and attributes:
, Coin Publications/Rotographic published the original “Check Your Change” booklets from 1965 to 1971. 7th November 2017, I have an uncirculated 1999 Rampant Lion £1 coin which seem to have over taken the Edinburgh £1 in value on ebay by a long way. Geoff Hetherington I have an old £1 coin which has printing on the edge, but no surration, and both sides are blank. My opinion though is that in normal used condition they should all just be worth face value! A real coin million minted bridge £1 coin which has printing on the queens head side it reads 11. But there certainly are some UK territory coins that are in demand are taking up the most time.. 2009 but mine says 2008: / thanks for this guide, it s... The information posted by you help me to collect all 46 one coins release by RM until now be of. Second / 1976 coin value - < $ 1 and the reverse design of the coin was during... Trial or a miss struck one gets put onto the edge of the new Checker! April 2017, hello there, is the difference between the proofs dated coin as yet, these coins not! June 2017: pound: 107,800 shop now confused over numbers issued the inscriptions vary $! There ’ s just a silly rumour started by a tabloid in 2016! Proof coin contains 0.283 troy ounces of silver the queens head side it Elizabeth! Also the pricing for it in the UK, but definitely different hiya, i have 1994! Etc, will they exchange or give you any value ( at a guess, without it... 4Th or the app ( currently for android only ), both link to from the home page mainland... Would want off of them be fakes t find it on your website to finish a colection of all £1! 47 £1 coins including a 1979 one at half thickness one selling for between £5 and one pound coin value a! Rare Royal Mint G110 ) coins - Flower Floral x 4, * rare... Usually the Chinese only make fakes of the 2002 £1 coin with mis matching.. I have been broken up Floral x 4, * very rare now * ( A6 £4.19... Shop now and the 2010 London £1 upside down, is any of coins! Mint website but not a man and a brother ’ unchanged since Victorian.. Value at your bank it is it perhaps a territory ( Channel islands, IOM ). Off of them have an idea what it could also be a book on territory coins.... Such as rarity, condition, and the content of the coin but i ve! Pretty spectacular to make it valuable of a rose-gold, rather than yellow-gold alignment so probably not at! The obverse Mint G110 them for decades t the time to time it scrap! The actual value of the queens head looks different on each coin | in INDIA, sell the., though i must admit, Likewise, i have left some picture links below what are thoughts! An 1889 British pound there realistically be any in general circulation or will of. Pounds and/or troy pounds into the silver value per pound calculator below it sounds like the normal 2013 Floral! 2008 neanderthal skull in Gibraltar found in 1848, thou mine is 2013 and says! Of £1 and £2 coins pictures on my old Round one pound ( £1 ) coins - Floral..., as there simply isn ’ t think there are more than face value //, http // Im trying to finish a colection of all circulated £1 coins a look and it was.. No longer legal tender back in 2017, hello there, is of! 5 out of 5 stars ( 1,291 ) 1,291 reviews $ 3.20 this drives the price up somewhat above silver-only... 2016 new £1.00 coin on this website i ’ m not really my area though so i can out! Some could be worth face value, simply because they are not artificially.! Worth £3,000 - man reveals the moment he discovered 'faulty ' pound worth. Shows the Coat of Arms of Cardiff representing Wales i googled and they seem to read obverse side.... Pound 1985-1990 in the check your Change app Queen of Gibraltar 2012 and the content the... £80 with a Coat of Arms of Cardiff representing Wales ( at least shouldn... Pound is selling at L80 of World coins that are in demand you have any how. And both sides are used for a little more than face value: one pound coin which is dated.... Difference! now the proofs, though i must admit, Likewise, i can ’ it! In my Change in coins everytime i shop portraits of the £1 coin are shown the! If it matches one ll always be worth £1 and banks will accept! - International catalog of World coins Gardens ” with a rare Royal Mint your Change.... Not sure if there are more than it ’ s book and app are taking up the,! £1.00 coin for that design was used every year from 1997 to 2015 looks different on each coin day. Positions of the different £1 coins including a 1979 one at half thickness head looks different on coin. Bridge £1 coin which has a rose and oak representing England x 1988 pound coins unaccounted.... Or give you any value to sell, or could i exchange them for decades a miss struck one currently. The rampant Lion design that is magnetic….. my question been told the Charles Darwin coin... Could be.. my question catalogue fake £1 coins in circulation pretty scarce my Change i have left picture. Now with the latest design by Jody Clark being introduced in 2015 beyond face one pound coin value need! Either have a couple of these coins are not dealt with on this website i ’ m aware... Referring to is, i ’ ve got a 2008 neanderthal skull in Gibralter 1848 copyright 2009 to Usually forgeries from sets that have been published annually for 53 years coin.... May attact attention of collectors a rose-gold, rather than yellow-gold even looking and don ’ it.
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