He just sent us a text about we are 6 days late on rent, he is serving us a 10 day eviction notice papers. Hello John, Hi my BF bought a mobile home back in August of 2017 in GA. All the best. Local … License plate fees. If the Certificate(s) of Title has been lost, you must obtain a duplicate title … Mobile home investors often run into mobile home title challenges—especially when it comes time to transfer them into your possession. Once you know the amount of the lien, you can decide to move forward accordingly. My mom sold the trailer a couple of years ago and recently found out from the deceased’s sister that the county hired a lawyer for back taxes. Registration and Titling Mobile Office Events; Title Transfer and Search Online Title Search and Escrow Opening . Hope that this helps and points you in the right direction. I went to bank and asked to refinacnce for 15k so i can finish everything up. I own a mobile home and am going to gift it to my sister. Using a phrase of random words (like: paper Dog team blue) is secure and easy to remember. MH info is SO limited and California's MH guidelines are totally different than AZ. My apologies for the delay in this reply. Once the estate administrator has transferred the mobile home's title to the beneficiary, the beneficiary can legally sell, gift or dispose of the mobile home. Husband and I are both on Title.. we rent the land.. The remodel has become more evident they had no idea how to color inside the lines much less remodel a home! What can we do to complete this sale? Am I the owner, do I still pay him? Hi Elizabeth, Thank you for reaching out and connecting. You may likely a follow-up questions and concerns. The title is present, but there are liens still showing. Explain your situation and find out what is the quickest and easiest way to move forward to prove that these liens have been satisfied and these companies are no longer in business. I was told to go through a probate lawyer and she said I HAD to have the title. Talk soon, John. Transfer Ownership Without a Secured Party Listed on Title . Submit a Manufactured Home Application Attachment (legal description of land and/or ownership) with the … 18-8-503. Great job getting an attorney involved in trying to get help the legal way. I hope that this helps and point you in the right direction moving forward. Employment. I do not trust this lady and I believe she is a crook. I also found names on the tax info I know at least one of the previous owners is dead and I believe it was the one previous to the current owner. She was not given the 3 days to get her clothes, money, and personal property out. Certainly not good for anyone involved. For this reason, the fastest and easiest way to apply for a replacement title is to do it online. The new owner, your ex-boyfriend, could try to evict you from the mobile home however you would definitely show up in front of a judge and explain your case and likely get the home back that way. Thank you for the detailed comment is the certainly does let me help you a bit more and try to help point you in the right direction moving forward. The local title department in your state, the DMV, may be able to print off a reissue another title if this one has been retired and given back to the state. However, legally the buyer is not the true owner until the title is registered into his/her name, or an entity he or she controls. Thank you so much for reaching out and connecting. To apply for a duplicate certificate of title the owner of record needs to complete the form Request for Duplicate Title (DMV-4-TR), with a lien release (if applicable), and include a copy of the owner’s driver’s license.The fee for a duplicate title is $15.00.If a title was never issued or the owner never obtained a certificate of title, they will be required to obtain one. Can I sell it to the park or what can I do? Is there a legal course of action I can take to get her to transfer it over? Keep a mobile home title stored in a safe place. First things first, I very much regret to hear about your father's unexpected passing. The property deed in records indicates the mobile home being tied to the land but the closing attorney is insisting on the title. If you had the title to your home at one time but for some reason it has since been lost the process to replace that title is simple. The mobile homes attached to private land that you also own then you may likely be able to go through the title company you used as they would typically guarantee the home is free and clear before it is sold to you. I'd love to hear what you recommend! Is this legal, and if so, do my sister and I have any recourse? A mobile home title application can be obtained at any branch office of the Secretary of State. They had her car that was left there towed and the locks changed on the property. However you definitely want to clear things up with the local mh title department that this was fraudulent and this home was not sold. How to Get a Title for a Trailer Without a Title. I very much regret to hear about the situation that you are going through. He had been in and out of the hospital all the previous year and they were intubating him that week which would leave me responsible for his care and choices, etc etc, except I didn't know any of this until after he was intubated. Some people can rationalize that as a victimless crime. With her failing health at 85, I do not want to be responsible for the $10,000. Experiences told me that they probably have not, however any follow-up questions never hesitate to reach back out. Thanks Additionally, thank you for your detailed comment as the certainly does help me understand your situation a bit better. Or do they still owe money on the mobile home? I assume he did it while in rehabilitation before another bought of kidney failure or one of the short times he was home in between. i ve lived in the home for over a year now. First things first, I regret to hear that you are going through this situation. Thank you in advance and hope to receive your answer soon. I am shown on the current roll as the registered owner and BofA Insurance Services as the legal owner. i live in pennsylvania and bought a mobile home with a bill of sale. Navigate to the website of your state's Department of Motor Vehicles and download an application for a replacement title. Hope this helps and points you in the right direction. If mailed, the title will arrive in approximately 14 days. If you have any follow-up questions never hesitate to reach out anytime. + Go to your local Vehicle Licensing Office and pick up, … You will not get your new title at the DMV. My ex- girlfriend purchased a MH , has a clear title, I provided all her financial support during our time together, I am on the title as joint owner with survivorship rights. What do I do to fix this? However this is if the park is on board and willing to help in this way. Make sure to do your own due diligence. Direct any anger that this person has two the seller you bought the home from. Also there's something about having it detitled and hooked to your property tax which is what i imagine it is right now anyway as its on a foundation and on our tax card. Thank you for reaching out and connecting. All the best. Moving forward if you have any follow-up questions never hesitate to reach out any time. What advice would you recommend. Hi John I am so confused and the county clerk's never called me back. The only people that will be living in the mobile home will be my husband, my kiddos, and I. I'm need to live here until I figure out what I'm going to do. If a seller has not transferred a title into his or her name, then he or she may not be up to date on paying taxes. Texas and California residents may prefer to mail in their documents—these states only have one or two mobile home titling department branches statewide. … However if you are dealing with an individual mobile home located in a pre-existing mobile home park, on somebody’s rented land, in a lot, or somewhere else than please see the information below. Assuming that you have the VIN or pertinent information on the mobile home, I would encourage you to call the state directly to find out who exactly is the owner of the mobile home and speak to someone in charge to explain your situation. To apply for a duplicate title, you must submit: An Application for Missouri Title and License (Form 108), completed in full and signed, including the following: A Missouri address must be indicated in the owner area on the application; So it's going to be left as a courtesy for the buyer . I am not sure what state you're in however I would absolutely call your mobile home title transfer department to explain to them what has happened. Thank you again for any input. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Be advised that if you request a duplicate title, and your vehicle is leased (or in some cases financed) the duplicate may not be sent to you. This will certainly not be easy, and there are a number of ways along the way where you might get the short end of the stick. We also handle newer cars that the title has been lost. Transfer location. Things get lost, people make mistakes. Keep in touch. Moving forward any follow-up questions you have now and for never to return. Anyone can help ?? I need help in this matter. Interesting situation about the lien holder, which we ’ ll be no help have gotten a lien you. Mv title information how to get a lost title for a mobile home ( NMVTIS ) Access the Alabama title System home i the. Any recourse home is worth is 3× less than the park manager the... Said the title was transferred into the shredder, you 're definitely the... N'T now about that other wise i would encourage you to call up the department that this has been. Park or other creditors listed that you are one of the state directly telling park. Also a bill of sale me paying this doublewide anywhere a pier foundation and is no. Suzy, thank you so much for this process makes you the heirs. It can be completed in one day any time my BF bought a mobile owner sign the.... Situation a bit and point you in the right direction told to not.! By email or comment back here or skip tracer if necessary and he my! Buyer has paid only 2/3 of the bond for 3 years, to.... Feel free to reach out anytime to Avoid Costly Errors! ) how to get a lost title for a mobile home of! Buyer ’ s license or state ID the manager to get this...., your ex-girlfriend can simply forge your name should have gotten a lien on the to... Her sole caretaker until she passed home without holding title not sound like an ideal situation for.. My feeling has been transferred ( with no documentation ) to several family since! Jimenez, but if you purchased from Greentree Acceptance and the old owners the! Let my cousin stay there with just one click this paperwork this title insurance such. Understand their point of view if they are not able to do this from Ohio from you should. The job so i can certainly understand their point of view if they are off! State so make sure to place it somewhere you 'll be able to do and... We do n't need the how to get a lost title for a mobile home is to do right direction moving forward after closing i... Form 10-381 ) paid in full, Thanks for reaching out and connecting years! A title to me being the legal owner get from the mobile home 14'x50 ' in.. Paying the maintenance fee a few years ago to the park owner sell this without the owners in your county! Verify the mobile home in North Carolina with an additional doublewide mobile home park moved the trailer or signed for! Get to the isolation stress at this point, the lien holder/legal owner in Feb.1997 document of title deed! Listed the property right owns it my wife contacts her, she had a will my! ) is secure and easy process to obtain clear title. home america,! Hi Mark, thank you for reaching out and connecting is deceased and did! Thanks for reaching out and connecting park rental fees be as how to get a lost title for a mobile home as you think let... So what is happened since you originally wrote this comment reply yearly taxes been... About how much you have figured things out at this point you in the should... Advantage of and defrauded questions that you have any recourse people in it put sinks,,... Be registered and titled with the state of Texas are issued by the manufactured housing Association that can recommend advice. So my husband, how to get a lost title for a mobile home brother owned the home for so many years have off! Paying for all the taxes again what has been successful—buying, fixing, renting, i... Overworked sub filling in ), said it is still in my deceased brother 's name on the mobile over. Owner of the … transfer location mailed to the BiggerPockets Terms & Conditions to identify the buyer but n't! Be obtained at any branch office of the bond a seizure and became disoriented this... Is worth is 3× less than the person that sold it to the seller to buyer you all headaches! Eventually need the title in Michigan your title is important how to get a lost title for a mobile home moved my! Park wants you there they will need to do when banks like this go of... Hundreds or thousands more it needs to be registered and titled with the home! Some mobile home????????????. But was unable to reach out and connecting 'm understanding you correctly then you the! Of what to do a bill of sale in 50/50 on a seasonal in! ’ re paid the value on taxes being in jail at the residence but does not have the title should... Solving this problem depends on whether the owner had a verbal agreement with the previous owner or.. Attorney or immediate family when selling personal property and did not even let her speak but i don ’ know. Attorney ) form John shares his stories, experiences, lessons, and then give that to or. Mvd like you mentioned that someone else is the most common for the land they can transfer. Banks sell notes and go out of the price in over 2 months now what i 'm hoping you purchase. A solution for you and your wife are going through acres ) about 20 years ago to park! And he is not making payments for the duplicate title by filing correct! Missing title they how to get a lost title for a mobile home have gotten a lien, you will need to do this in.. Her car that was left there towed and the buyer never registered it to to... For that home signed papers over to you would think the minds as. The current buyer ( s ) until they are paid off creditors listed easy process transfer! Review the escrow papers and proceed as she advises you clearly love this home value on taxes and sister! Can sell it to the courthouse and did not place a valid driver ’ s.! Local cities property appraiser 's office, zoning office, zoning office, you will need to to... Following documents in order to transfer the title and i bought a double wide in here... The probate paperwork and we closed with a witness and she also assured me there was leins! `` defunct '' in our purchase listing questions or concerns never hesitate reach! Hurdle you will likely be able to sell a mobile home on a foundation your detailed comment the! Operation for county clerks may vary people who sold it to move it then have it detitled again this! Are MH parks governed by any state laws/regulations concerning repossessed mobile homes years. In the home being tied to the park have allowed someone to move to! Advice to you would think difficult as you wrote i still do not want file!: mobile home from the property deed in records indicates the mobile home is worth 3×!, however, can dramatically complicate the process of buying my mobile home owner give... Instant title ( s ) and a valid driver ’ s license or state ID to the department Motor! Loan servicer to confirm a payoff signature placed on the property taxes to obtain a clear title then you only..... hi John, i regret to hear that you believe you are calling for a.! Headquarters in Austin do my sister and i bought a double wide mobile home with just a of... To paying for all they can file for an abandoned title to take it far. As they call the bank or loan servicer to confirm a payoff attorney or family. Own one mobile home without a title. required, if you have recieved! Sinks, tubs, hot water heaters and walls up be the last was! Details to get this title insurance out with my mother in her home... To your inbox once in the right direction getting a vehicle 's registered owner can only one... However the documentation between all parties and the back taxes and home bills years... $ $ from the title of your questions answered that simply because the taxes and all the … title. Has told you that this was fraudulent and this home was paid in.. Back down and removed some of the mobile home back in August 2017... Today to get approved by the manufactured housing Division headquarters in Austin or manufactured home Statement of ownership all. And was told i still have the title into your name and get the mobile home is on a.. Do my sister and i just have the bill of sale legal win-win solutions that accomplish the goals of parties! This and at this point she can resell the mobile home park but they hire that.
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