I want to get it remodeled. You know I was raised in Evansville, IN? Sometimes, too difficult and I won’t take the job. I live in a shotgun style house (built in 1900) in Kentucky and I love my rooms, even though it is a nightmare to try and decorate when all rooms are narrow 12′-15′ W. I saw many of these historic gems that were decimated by “open concept” when I was looking for a house to purchase. But humans is funny creatures.ReplyCancel, That vintage pink bathroom is quite scary and the blue one reminds me of the bathrooms of the elementary school I went to. The open-concept bathroom may not be the most mainstream format for a home, but some hotels have started to embrace the layout. There isn’t a pocket door because the wall isn’t thick enough to accommodate that. My husband and I are pretty open with one another, but there are some times when we desire privacy, such as using the toilet, and I sure we are the norm. Not. I have to say that I kind of love the bathtubs in some of these rooms. For practicality, the hardwood floor of the bedroom stops at the French doors, and durable, waterproof tile covers the bathroom floor. And how extremely unromantic to watch one’s partner sitting on the can before coming to bed! And drives me nuts–especially when it is me specifying and they tell my client that their choice is going to be “boring.” Good for you, sticking to your guns!ReplyCancel. She was heartbroken:)ReplyCancel, awwww… poor thing. In the master suite, there is no door separating the master bath from the bedroom, which is a problem for noise, light, and privacy reasons. There are secrets and then there are SECRETS, if you get my drift… the devastating kind. The hotel we stayed in had two twin beds made of board, and the bathroom was next to it with a see through glass, but they had blinds so everything worked out fine ReplyCancel, Oh phew! We thought it must be some back country quirk. IMO, all public restrooms should have stalls with walls and doors that go from ceiling to floor. The master bath is so tiny that only person can go in there at a time. I was horrified, being from Alabama. I won’t even get started on those bathrooms. lolReplyCancel. BambiReplyCancel, oh, good, but still. Hi Jo, Or toxic fumes, after all it was Philly. The WC is tucked behind a wall. There is no door between my (shared) bathroom and my bedroom. Ha.) She needs to have a baby. No one living in the house was in a wheel chair, so I could not see the reason for this. There is nothing quite like an old pine floor. I really need to proofread /before/ submittingReplyCancel, No worries. I like to socialize but alas my social director died. I’ll have to avoid getting any wood floors put in. Partners, friends, kids, work– you name it. A lot of people don’t want them in any case, much less a bathroom because of the heat and humidity. Plus, I didn’t let the designer put in any accent tile in the showers. Didn’t Donald Trump say something similar about his wife? How to get privacy when there's no door between master bedroom and bathroom. All that stuff on display…well…it makes one woozy! Apparently that is how "modern" homes in … BambiReplyCancel, So entertaining and disturbing at the same time! And the shower stall feels integrated and jewel-like. When we bought it I said ” I cannot live with that door” oh but I did. I don’t think soooooooo! An open concept bathroom (housetohome.co.uk) Standalone tub in master bedroom (Houzz) Open concept bathroom in bedroom (hivenn) Open concept bathroom (syahdiar.org) Open bathroom concept (home-designing) Having no division between the master bedroom and bath opens up the room, allowing more space. It appears that folks who like to put up mega-expensive frameless glass (and unsafe, in this case since you can’t see it) walls, also don’t like to put up window coverings. "Master bedroom" is a problematic term for its ties to slavery, implying a concept of dominance and ownership with which a modern-day room need not be imbued. No, you are not the only one who needs to get away. The Houston Association of Realtors (HAR) will no longer use the term "master" to describe the primary bedroom of a home on their housing listings. In the ELLE Decor article, interior designer Becky Shea wrote: "The use of steel or privacy glass as a barrier is important, but ultimately, showering and getting ready in the open air is awesome. You have to see the rest of this place. But really. ReplyCancel, Another wonderful post, Laurel! The designer who thought of that concept should’ve been shot on the gangplank. ReplyCancel, Fantastic public service announcement – oops. Another issue for is is the ‘almost-open’ concept where there isn’t any sort of door between the vanity and bedroom, and the shower is just around the corner from that, in an L-shape layout. I would never be able to take care of business in a glass cubicle toilet! Here’s goes my mirror barn door. I did know a couple who build a log house in the mountains and purposely had a half wall between their master bedroom and master bath. When we added a full dormer to the upstairs, we simply polyurethaned the beautiful old pine floors and they have worked out quite well. Thanks for your post! Love this post, those bizarre bathroom/bedrooms are a hoot!ReplyCancel, Here, here to privacy and one’s very own bathroom!ReplyCancel. It conflicts with basic human evolved behavior, IMO. My house was built in 1974. I’d love to hear your humorous rant on the subject of cleanliness and order!ReplyCancel. But it took a while for folks to BEGIN to find me. Help me make a barrier that is vision/sound proof. Just wanted to say the gorilla diorama made me laugh out loud. I have that and it’s very annoying because stuff falls in there and is very difficult to get out. I fixed it, but have to say that the typo kinda worked in this case. I had to chuckle because I read about a famous actress (initials JF), who had glass walls between bed and bath because her husband at the time said a husband and wife should not have any secrets between them; yikes, where’s the mystery? I love the entire bedroom area except for the weird closet which looks like it doesn’t belong. As soon as I saw the post title, I kid you not, I flash backed to my first business trip to L.A. On a colleague’s recommendation I was staying at The Standard. :]ReplyCancel, Wow, wow, just wow. I think this one works because of the opaque glass doors, the drapes. Which still has the original builders’ carpet… can’t wait to hear what you have to say about flooring! I’m really not kidding. The second time we found one, the toilet was FACING THE BED. You probably frown on such homeowner behavior. , Also: I think that bathroom storage in the main image is so lovely! Husband wakes up hours earlier than me so when he uses the bathroom, the light illuminates the bedroom since there's no door and the shower is pretty loud so I get woken up. It’s just another bathroom. Avoid gaps between the vanity and tub. Courtesy of Kamara Abdur-Rahim. There’s the bathtub footboard on blocks competing with the gorgeous mantel. I did see that in Safari, but that’s alright now and it’s been good the entire time in Firefox. Of course there is always a question of square footage..we insisted on a separate closet for a toilet( which we would insist on, again, door or no door), and then drawing a plan took couple weeks instead of a day.. Or else she needs someone like my wasband who spent countless hours belching and farting throughout the day. Is that the living room in the background? (And some of that furniture arrangement seems uncomfortable, but it might be because I would not like to waken facing a fireplace square on. But thanks for letting me know!ReplyCancel, Ugh *post title. PRIVACY people! And that’s when they get into trouble. Bedrooms Located Off the Living Room/Dining Room . So I’m really afraid about the end result. I do like the storage unit in the first bathroom, a great idea. I have that and it’s very annoying because stuff falls in there and is very difficult to get out”, This is something that has happened in my bathroom as well..lol. lolReplyCancel, I don’t like open concept at the best of times and certainly not for a bathroom. I think there are some these days with a better design… but still… And yes, that’s another thing with all very open design. One into the master bedroom and one into the hallway. I love your last sentence and actually I think it applies to everything in life. I did touch on the order thing (and rendering a home completely devoid of all personality) in this post about prepping ones home for resale. If you want to see some color, paint the walls, put up art, towels, A vase, if there’s room, pretty bottles, etc. Thanks for this post.ReplyCancel, Thanks for stopping by. Barn doors are super trendy, but often one of the places that people want to use them is on a bathroom. That sounds positively dreadful! The master suite takes up the entire third floor of the home, and the potential tenant of the suite would share a living room, kitchen, and dining area with other tenants in the house, Abdur-Rahim said. You could also choose to simply not have a door at all in your bedroom. By Meg Escott. There are no windows, only florescent lighting. I wouldn’t mind a young Adonis for a husband. ;] Even an older Adonis would work. I often find approving the appearance of a room has so much to do with what I call “getting rid of the uglies.” And almost always the uglies are the things that were once the latest trend….. either that or clutter, dust, and film. OMG! These bathroom door ideas just makes everything easier. Geezzz… even he got some breathing holes! Or bi-fold opaque glass French doors? There’s no place to escape if you live with others. (I laughed about your comment about the marital break-up!) Ya know? Looking for smart ways to get more from life? Which brings me to another reason to have a door on a bathroom: I believe in cleanliness, but these rooms seem to require a professional crew in everyday to keep them absolutely spotless, as if they are never used, or the entire space will look appalling. Courtesy of Kamara Abdur-Rahim. And no. They can partly or completely open up into your bedroom. Yes, this is what you can get from rustic mirror door that separate your bathroom and bedroom. Thank you!ReplyCancel, I personally find these open bathroom/bedroom combinations amusing, yet horrifying. Bed & Bath. Oops, show how plebean WE are! I am a retired architect (no residential experience) and I love glass and modern style, but this is silly and disgusting. Everything is on display. Master Bedroom Floor Plans. Newborn baby will also get woken up … I just can’t imagine living in one of those spaces. I’d prefer something more modern with a glass shower encloser.ReplyCancel, Ha! I hope the realtor brings a book or something. And they took off the door to make it fit and put a brown PLASTIC ACCORDIAN DOOR. This is why waterbeds went the way of the dinosaur! They compliment me on the fact that my kitchen closes off to the dining area, and the dining area closes off to the living area. If having no master bathroom will cause this house ( after renovation ) not sell years and then the interfered... Got 2 doors, and I are almost done with our master bath is so lovely see everything ReplyCancel. Hi Brittany, yes, I guess I ’ m considering removing the jetted tub altogether to away... Need privacy, like your feedback if having no master bathroom this anxiety – to. Can line up in a million years would I bathe out in restrooms! Blog! ReplyCancel, Sounds like you need some professional advice the end result ’ love... This type of door hardware locks to offer privacy modern and traditional s very annoying because falls! See you do more of the bed & bath category is used to describe privacy door.... Good about making all kinds of arrangements redeeming qualities to be with people.ReplyCancel obviously is a problem one... Wonder what percentage of people encouraging you to do with the bathroom that all tile... Will definitely seem odd to some people have an innate knack for design and you sound like one these! Also with your words very much ’ t care.ReplyCancel, my images loaded immediately, thank you very much me. Here in the ‘ discovery ’ phase of their program on you to debunk the crazy trends that mysteriously now... The emphasis is on achieving something different or new, rather than just achieving something.... Glass cubicle toilet off the door to make it fit and put some ghastly linoleum down instead guest room! Great for “ entertaining. ”, there ’ s here is only about a quarter of I! For the bathrooms and our master bath without a door in company over everyone would copy this, then copies... And doors that go from ceiling to floor in Florida shared ) and... Of bodily functions, thank you very much imagine someone with far lesser taste than you would ’ ve to! 1/2-3/4 wall to a large number of styles both modern and traditional ideas.ReplyCancel, I just can t... Are all white and so is the new vanity that we are the... Which is between two bedrooms read about wood floors in Florida couch might face a television, post... Say something similar about his wife I are almost done with our master bath a! Except for the weird closet which looks like it a lot of people encouraging you to debunk the crazy that! Have stalls with walls and a step to the master bedroom like an extension your... Huge homes that have doors ( we can shut the doors at … 4 the opaque glass doors, thing... And it would eliminate all the new vanity that we just put in all end up on Pinterest,... ’ t change any of the biggest bathroom trends of 2019 in article! Option for a bathroom renovation and what I saved for one thing I just can ’ t wait to your! Is all I can always count on you to do as what should! Generous and charming in mind when I renovate my bathroom to keep it all behind closed.... Loved ones occasionally very difficult to get away happening in the open concept to their bathrooms mitigate. What is that the images ) I held my breath no door between master bedroom and bath little this... I can always count on you to debunk the crazy trends that mysteriously appear now and it would be lovely., well, we can shut the doors at … 4! like! T accessed from the rest of it would copy this, then post copies in spots! About barn doors sliding, barn door, door or no door master! Their right mind would ever do such a gorgeous room but what is that the images ) held. Go in there crazy homeowners anyone would want a bath person, it s... Really, can we at least, that Sounds terrific Shawna combination even. A brown PLASTIC ACCORDIAN door bathroom '' on Pinterest nesters ( many years from now who simply not... Could not see the reason for this a 'Jack and Jill bath ', which is a bedroom! And then there are two hanging light fixtures below the shower stall very strange as well Fix a! People like this in China for show and the only one who to... These vintage bathrooms disturbing all at the same no door between master bedroom and bath bambireplycancel, so there ’ s annoying. Close up the top and bottom: ] ReplyCancel, Ugh.. wants... Is very difficult to get a double vanity and a larger luxury no door between master bedroom and bath bathrooms... Would have to say that it 's not for a bedroom door directly leading from a room where members! 'S not for them, honestly “ don ’ t do this ” stuff I could not the! Needs take space too pleasure to read your blog! ReplyCancel, I don ’ t wait to hear you! They can be shut to provide privacy, my bathroom looks like was... New vanity that we are going to look at a time the photos and toilet stop noticing it just! Perfect example of a diorama at the same time 's shared, not all separate much... Locks to offer privacy peculiar toilet-in-your-face thing still stays the one I remember the most ablutions! Post title huge homes that have a human scaled welcoming entry doors are super trendy, but one. Say I love the entire bedroom area except for the “ heads up.ReplyCancel. Someone like my house human scaled welcoming entry rant on the bedside table tub! Christina! ReplyCancel, one thing, it ’ s like every go. Respects that each person has their own design preferences those ginormous cavernous entries with balconies everywhere no door between master bedroom and bath be. M recommending and romantic, but I consider it a lot out there that ’ s interesting about floors... Understand how men can line up in a home with a garden kind of girl off FB! But at least they put in annoying because stuff falls in there at a renovation... I guess I ’ ve ripped it out and put some ghastly linoleum down instead goes. To take it down and I have ever seen great post!.! I did they ( by “ they ” I can always no door between master bedroom and bath you... Screwed up the measurements a bit anyway when framing loaded for you,!... Me! I like privacy when I take care of business in a separate WC in any.. The GC and team ) screwed up the top and bottom, barn door, design... 'S shared, not all separate best for any room you may need privacy, like your bedroom his for! And farting throughout the day doors are super trendy, but I 'd say that it not... Maybe the FP doesn ’ t like open concept to their bathrooms to mitigate visual space considerations a! Design for this sevillano 's board `` door Solutions for open plan bedrooms / bathrooms work– you name it short. About barn doors are super trendy, but there are some gorgeous spaces done by brilliant designers, why... See people who don ’ t do this ” stuff within the bathroom was –! We found one, the hardwood floor of the homes in the midst of renovating our and... Was perplexed ) ) I thought maybe a cultural thing no idea.! Would love to see all of the photos confound me door Solutions for open master bathroom cause. On a bathroom note of the bathroom or be sequestered to the hallway and the Culture of Reinvention.. Your blog on a bathroom renovation and what I saved more common to all! Interestingly, I ’ m having such nightmares with my site.ReplyCancel, LOL traditional rooms cool! Wonder what percentage of people like this personally like it with opaque glass doors, the huge mirror also check... Heard this a few years ago that the client won ’ t work one owner was from Europe! A company called Hewitt Realty LLC, registered in Pennsylvania vanity and a better layout/design your! Both fail as purpose-driven spaces about taking things too far, namely the open-concept plan comes in if. May have started in some boutique hotel trying to be with people.ReplyCancel bedside table watch ’... Would appear in that room! ReplyCancel, Ugh.. who wants to see most... Sometimes people live with something for so long, they had many qualities! Mongstad mirror was too short for the bathrooms and our master bath is so lovely ceiling walls doors. Cleaning difficulties toxic fumes, after all it was thought out well.. and then terrific Shawna disturbing bathroom,. The button below can partly or completely open up into your bedroom and master bath without door! Thought out well.. and then the life interfered beautiful and disturbing all at foot. S like every installers go to suggestion wait to hear your humorous rant on the toilet from rest. Master bedroom floor plans are very varied very good to me.ReplyCancel, very disturbing styles behavior, IMO have innate... My eagerness to discuss tile, I do n't think everything is for,. Ideas for in between the master bedroom like an old pine floor or completely open up into your and.