Weather United Kingdom Nouns Days of the week Hours I will follow you wherever you go. :) Please wait until page is refreshed! Pronouns Imperative The exercises Music Seasons Age: 3-5 Questions Word games Christmas 1. Author:jecika Phrasal verbs Beside PDF worksheet, Word Christmas worksheets are also available for more users to make full use of these resources. website:, where we also share Spring Christmas-Grammar-Wishes It is a great way for students to practice wishes for Christmas. School Months She will arrive before too long. There are exercises for kids to complete which look at plurals, tenses, sentences, punctuation, spelling and identifying nouns, verbs and adjectives. Birthdays We use cookies to enhance your experience. Prepositions of Time. Summer Songs Santa, Santa, high in the sky. Past continuous These are truly NO PREP, print and go, age-appropriate exercises to challenge and review your teens' grammar skills during December.Student Experience: These grammar … Fullscreen, Level: elementary are categorized in different topics and levels. Giving Directions Conjunctions Fullscreen, Level: elementary Adverbs Age: 7-10 10. Author:Norma Villanueva They can wish anything they would like to have... 490 Downloads . Short stories The snowman Prepositions Worksheets are on speech marks, aporstrophes for contraction and possession, embedded clauses and adverbial openers all have a HA, AA and LA/SEN worksheet. Comparison A simplified version of Charles Dickens "A Christmas Carol" with a lot of comprehension exercises - true-false, multiple choice, questions. It is a great way for students to practice wishes for Christmas. created by teachers from all over the world. Health Present simple exercises Christmas Music for ESL Classes Play this light instrumental Christmas music (with a video montage of 60 different Christmas scenes) to help create a cozy, seasonal atmosphere during yo ur ESL Christmas activities. Word games Christmas 2. Idioms Present  Family Christmas carols - videos 2 Worksheets - resources. Home Age Gerunds and Infinitives The students read the story strips and put them in the correct order.     continuous Hobbies Tests Christmas test A multiple choice test based on Christmas vocabulary. Twice (in my life) At this time last year; When my fatther came in and interrupted me; On Christmas Day; 3 years ago; 5 years before Word order, Business If you are an English language teacher, you can use our free Articles 8. Colouring Christmas. To be Age: 8-100 Other Exercises. 5. Christmas - exercises 2. //