This means you and members of your staff can create unique email addresses that directly correspond to your nonprofit’s website. Donations are not sales. Many nonprofits that have large, active email lists do little or no fundraising from their lists, others use these lists almost exclusively as a source of donations. Optimize search. However, I do think it important that nonprofits maintain the same kinds of lists, just as good organizational practice. Mozilla is best known for its Firefox web browser, but it also offers a full-featured email client: Thunderbird. The e-mail address is obtained by matching those records from the marketer’s database against a third-party database to produce a corresponding e-mail address. NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS EMAIL DATABASE List of Nonprofit Organizations from all U.S States Total records: 600,000+ (140,000 unique companies) Country: United States File type: csv / xls (can be opened via Microsoft Excel or Open Office) Delivery: Download Data Source: Online directories and Business Registry Updated: Added 110,000 records for 2020 More Information | Download Samples The upside is that for nonprofits looking to build their email address list, email appends get the job done quickly. The types of activities that are encouraged include: • Communicating with fellow employees, donors, business partners of “Nonprofit”, and clients within the context of an individual’s assigned responsibilities. Federal law requires that private sector businesses maintain "do not call" lists of people who have indicated they don't want any further contacts. For example, you could create an address such as No matter what your cause might be, stories are a central part of your nonprofit … If I were to guess, the average email list for an average small nonprofit would be ~1000 for an active email organization (ones in the 10-20% category above). With LISTGIANT’s technology, we can provide you with a comprehensive list of nonprofit organizations organizations specifically tailored to your business industry and target demographics! Because buying it will provide you with more than 600,000 different email addresses of nonprofit organizations in the US, you will be able to kick-start your marketing campaign successfully. This law, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, does not apply to nonprofits. Your nonprofit organization is likely always looking for methods of cutting down on expenditures because every penny saved can be funneled into whatever goods or services you offer the public. Make it easy for potential supporters to find you by optimizing your site for search. It received a makeover and a little rebranding as part of the Windows Live Essentials package. While this sounds potentially challenging to functionality, the email accessibility and function works well in the browser. It’s…. Using a free email service instead of a custom email address also opens your organization up to security issues. With this non profit email list, you’d be able to get in contact with professionals from non-profit industry, whether for charitable or business purposes. If people submit their email address at the time of entering a nonprofit pet calendar, can we email them the entry form attached as a PDF the following year, for their convenience? But e-mail is still the lifeblood of electronic communications, and whether you want it to or not, how you handle e-mail says something about your organization. Each financial situation is different, the advice provided is intended to be general. Instead of paying, consider the variety of free email services and clients available to your organization.