Afterwards, you will be in a really lame battle with a Galbadian airborne trooper. Next select "DATA UPLOAD" and press the big "YES" button. Figure out, somehow, that you're supposed to go to the Infirmary, talk to Dr. Kadowaki and ask to talk to the headmaster. Floor 8 is unbarricaded which is nice. The instruments that go together are for a jazz band (Sax, Electric Guitar, Piano and Bass Guitar) and a folk ensemble (Guitar, Violin, Flute, Tap). Approach them for a scene. Return to the courtyard and go left. Otherwise, since you're doubtless targeting its weaknesses, you should have no trouble disposing of it. Most floors have a barricade that prevent you from going anti-clockwise, so you'll typically go clockwise around the floor. anymore. Talk to the two SeeD members standing in the parking lot for a free .Head out and skip past the Training Facility for now. Return the way you came and take the hidden passage to the left of the stairs. Check the house (you can't enter), enter your Garden and fly towards Galbadia garden on a southern island. These guys are somewhat tough with some nasty attacks. Remember, you don't want to fight in this complex so select "...Try to talk my way out" followed by either option. This is part of a sidequest that will be resolved later. Cell X.2 will be accessible one screen to the right of your starting point. Weak against fire, you say? Tonberry already has a bunch of useful abilities unlocked. Ride more-or-less east. The prisoner in cell 8.1 acts as a shop while cell 8.2 is inaccessible. You're near a save point so save scum in case you kill the Tri-Faces; they're worth a lot of XP which will cause you to gain levels that you don't yet want. Just outside the house is a frog sitting on a rock. Both cells on floor 12 are inaccessible so continue up the stairs to floor 13. Final Fantasy 8 Walkthrough part 1; 100% guide to reaching GOD MODE in final fantasy VIII - Duration: 4:28:44. All he does is give you back a few hit points, so in my opinion it's not really worth it, though I acknowledge that some people also like to play for the "cute" factor. When you assign an instrument, you need to talk to each party member afterwards to confirm. In the remaster, you use the Circle button to activate the ChocoWhis, not the Triangle button (this brings up your menu). This game has so much detail that i find new things even on this run. Talk to the mayor and his wife (his house is in the village center), then follow him outside along the railroad tracks. Control will switch to Zell who will immediately be in battle against a single guard. Kiros Card - FF8 Guide. The other three, led by Selphie, will go to the Galbadian Missile Base. You will be subject to random encounters if you dawdle. When you reach the top, the Mayor will follow you up and declare his intention to reason with the soldiers. Go left and climb on the train to hijack it. There is a little bit of a problem with triple triad and rare cards in particular in FF8, however - the system is rather obtuse, just like things like the FF8 weapon upgrade system. Talk to Kadowaki on the bridge, then leave again to the left. You can use this feature to avoid having to sail (slowly) all the way around. This is a one-time-only draw point for Ultima so you want to get as much as you can from it. When you're in control, junction your best magic to Mag, enable your strongest Mag+XX% ability and Move-Find and use the Aura draw point a short way up towards the trees (FYI, I unlocked the Magic Miner trophy at this point). Now, you have to challenge Chocoboy to cards. Choose to rest until the CC Group King reveals herself. With Irvine in tow, go to Grease Monkey's house near the station to witness a confrontation with a Galbadian officer. Keep the mountains on your right and make your way to the desert area. Leave the Library and take the long way (anticlockwise) around the Main Hall to the Infirmary for a scene with Dr. Kadowaki. Use the ChocoZiner near the rock on the right to summon a third Chicobo. Ride the Chocobo out but do not press X while riding it, otherwise you will have to find the Chocobo Sanctuary again to get on a Chocobo again. This will damage you for 20x the number of enemies you've defeated and should serve to get your characters into the yellow. Spr+20%, Spr+40%, Spr Bonus, Recover, Mag-J, 1 Tri-Face to 1 Curse Spike to 10 Pains via ST Mag-RF, 1 Krysta to 10 Holy Stones to 10 Holys via L Mag-RF, 1 Tiamat to 10 Flare Stones to 10 Flares via F Mag-RF, Familiar, Haggle, Sell-High, Initiative, Call Shop, Return to the village and see the Elder's Attendant in the Sculptor's workshop, Talk to the Moomba outside the Elder's house, Follow it to the Sculptor's workshop and witness the conversation between the Moomba and the Attendant, Return to the Elder to learn more about his attendant, Go next door and talk to Artisan who doesn't want to help, Finally, talk to the Elder who doesn't know where to find a craftsman, Spd-J, Str+20%, Spd+20%, Str+40%, Initiative, Spr-J, ST-Def-J, ST-Def-Jx2, ST-Def-Jx4, Spd-J, Spd+20%, Spd+40%, Auto-Haste, Mag-J, ST-Atk-J. Go through the gap in the mountains and south and around to find the Chocobo Forest. 2 - Know Your Role » Final Fantasy VII (Disc 1) » … Cell 4.1 contains a Tent. When he's defeated, Edea will do a vanishing act. (I'll remind you.) Cell 1.1 has a save point while cell 1.2 has a magazine Combat King 001. Look at the eastern end of the southern continent. Fight the boss at the village square. Descend to 2F and talk to the various people milling round. Therefore, have him learn the following abilities: If Tonberry has mastered Call Shop, you can buy Spr-J and Mag-J from the Timber Pet Shop which will give you a good start in getting to the good stuff. Page Tools. Odin is a GF who randomly makes an appearance at the start of battle and kills all enemies using his Zantetsuken ability. Otherwise, cast Protect on your characters to reduce the damage done by his "It's Sharp" attack. This place still confuses the heck out of me. When they're defeated, junction Water and Lightning magic to your Elem-Atk to prepare for an upcoming boss fight but don't bother to stick Mug in your command list. Go up and use the console. He will cast Quake, Tornado and Thundaga - hopefully your Elem-Def junctions will take care of at least two of these. Afterwards, you can continue up to find a door to a balcony where you'll find a student willing to play cards. If you go to the end of the crane where the old was fishing, you will find a Full-Life draw point in his place. Afterwards, you should do your best to steal the Royal Crown before finishing her off. The stairs leading down are very non-obvious so use the screenshot below to help you: There are two cells on each floor which I will refer to as X.1 and X.2 where X is the floor number. The following is a list of shops available in Final Fantasy VIII. Talk to one of the creatures here and they'll open up the door to the chamber where Squall was being tortured earlier. When you get to the coast, you can wade through the shallow waters to get across to the land mass opposite. Go back inside as Selphie forgot something. Two decades on from its original launch, it's conspicuous in … Head the Lobby and look for a pair of girls walking up the screen. Talk to him to receive the Occult Fan III magazine. You will regain control as Laguna. There is a small round forest to the west of the Shumi Village. Nearby is a beach that you can land Balamb Garden on. Go right and in the hallway with the classrooms, take a right to find a staircase leading up. Speak to the SeeD comforting the cowering children and head for the bridge. You may want to save your game here because this bit can bug out. 1 PlayStation 1.1 Japan 1.2 North America and Europe 1.2.1 Greatest Hits version 2 Microsoft Windows 2.1 Steam 3 Final Fantasy VIII Remastered 3.1 Patch notes The original version of Final Fantasy VIII was released in Japan on February 11, 1999. Follow her to Dollet yourself where you'll find her in the pub. Reform your party at the front gate and rescue the students on the second floor (in the classroom) and the student by the emergency exit. Go to the Infirmary and challenge Dr. Kadowaki. The game mechanics are standard fare for an RPG: acquisition of items and spells, turn-based combat, experience points earned in combat allowing advances in levels. This is located a short distance to the northeast of Trabia Garden. Take her into the Parking Lot followed by the Cafeteria. Xu will ask after Cid and then direct you to the 2nd Floor Balcony. Look for this young man on the left: Talk to him three times. Challenge her to cards but make sure to back out until she stops asking to mix rules. Talk to Cid twice and agree to see what's going on outside. On the bridge, press right or Squall will fall down (game over). You can use him to ensure that you're carrying Balamb rules - just challenge him repeatedly until he stops asking to mix rules. Your characters will be in Galbadian uniform. To get Doomtrain, you need to summon this particular GF, or Guardian Force, instead of acquiring it through battle or story-related progress. All rights reserved. Follow him to the town entrance and talk to the guard. Log in at the control panel (password is EDEA, use the game controls to type it in). When you're done, make your way to Trabia Garden. Upon defeat, she drops Combat King 002 which will teach Zell Meteor Strike. Use the circle button when standing near the Chicobo on the right to leave just one remaining. Challenging the CC Group Centra Ruins - Tonberry King Remove this ad - Subscribe to Premium. Move forward to be thrown into a fight against an officer and two soldiers. Approach, talk smack and slap him down. Win the Chicobo card back from her son in the artist's house and return to Balamb Garden. Drizznaut Oct 12, 2017 @ 10:04pm It should also be noted that Having a party member with a high compatibility … Go there, go upstairs and listen to the old man's history lecture. On the way back, talk to Rinoa, Irvine and Selphie. At this point, the forest is "cleared" and you can move onto the next. Quistis's Micro Missiles Limit Break is even better and can easily hit the damage limit. Leave the house, go into Raine's pub and go upstairs. Walk through the corridor, open the next hatch and turn the wheel in the small room. Go up the metal stairs and jump down into the court yard at the end of the room. Instead, go to the Western Continent. Leave via the door on the right. If you hug the wall to the left of the stairs you will find a hidden path leading down. Exhaust all conversation options. The yellow dot in the centre of the ocean is Fisherman's Horizon. They drop Wizard Stones and you can mug Fuel from them. The mother Chocobo will come and dig at the point you are standing. Select "Hit a few buttons here and there" followed by "Just press whatever". Cell 3.1 is inaccessible as is Cell 4.2. KO Raijin first because Fujin has a nasty desperation attack that can reduce one of your party member's to 1 HP. Go down the ladder by the green light, pull the lever and fight the demi-bosses. You'll have to land the Balamb Garden nearby and walk left around the mountain blocking your way. Return to the Artisan's house in Shumi Village and the Moomba doll will deliver a message from Grease Monkey. Follow him outside for a scene then follow him to the docks. Go near the forest entrance and use the ChocoZiner to make a single Chicobo fall down. Joe Hammer Gaming 38,819 views Go right, up and down the stairs to the right. Go to Edea's house near the Centra continent. Don’t get too excited at the fake Cid in the parking lot. Onto the 5th floor. When you've got what you want out of him, you may want to save your game again. Just steer Balamb Garden south and you'll appear at the top of the map. Activate the elevator with both groups, talk to the Moomba, leave the control room and fight the bosses. Leave the speech bubble open and Big Bad Rascal will have a word with the hotel owner at the town entrance. Keep taking the elevator between 2F and another floor until you see this guy show up on the bridge just outside: This is Spade. Continue forward for a scene and then talk to the SeeD member on the left for a Tent. After the scene, Squall will have two team members accompany him to the 2F classroom. Examine the large rock to the left of the hotel. There is a hidden Curaga draw point in his room. If you return to a cleared forest, you will find a Chocobo that you can ride around the World Map. Go through the Main Gates to find the Garden Faculty staging a coup. When you regain control, examine the flashing green light to access another ladder. Jackie Chan Stuntmaster » CTR - Crash Team Racing » Digimon World 3 » WWF SmackDown! Go inside and talk to Ma Dincht twice. If you like, you can unlock the door immediately to the right for a short cut to the save point. If you enter Winhill from the north, you will arrive in the town square (otherwise you'll have to run up here from the southern entrance). There's a gap in the mountains that you can go through. You're looking for this guy: This is Club. Make your way over there to be thrown into a mid-boss battle against two Oilboyles. After some explanations, you'll be able take the now-mobile Balamb Garden to wherever you choose. Note that even if you wanted to go anywhere else, all roads are currently blocked. Afterwards, look on the floor to find a green shard of the missing vase. LV Up and LV Down allows you to manipulate the level of enemies so that you can draw a desired magic or Mug a particular item. If you're personally done with Triple Triad and only want the platinum trophy, I would suggest that you only complete the beginning forest because this part of the game simply isn't any fun at all. At the top of the stairs, go left and take the elevator up. When you have a decent stock of Ultima, junction it to one of your characters HP stats along with the HP+80% to get the Maximum HP trophy out of the way. You are now able to progress the CC Group Quest a little further. This is a source of Ultima and costs you 5000G a pop. When you're ready to proceed, head to the Balcony to leave the Garden. Leave the building and go left two screens. Go right and you'll be opposite the path to Caraway's mansion. Mug them for Mag Up and Spr Up items (if you're lucky, you'll get more than one). The following is a list of version differences between releases of Final Fantasy VIII. It will jump on the train and Raijin will jump off. Then talk to the soldier, Zell's mom, the soldier inside the train station and finally the dog at the docks. Which means that you should have no trouble defeating them. Have Squall climb up the ladder, check the control panel, use the ladder to go back to your party. The most important thing is to mug him for a Spd-J Scroll - do not kill him until you get it. After a rousing speech, Balamb Garden will ram Galbadia Garden. The gameplay loop is: select ChocoSonar with the Square button, hold down the Circle button, looking for a peak signal, select ChocoZiner with the Square button and press Circle. Go down to leave the room for a scene and the formulation of an escape plan. Go up to the next screen and take the ladder leading down. At the bottom go right to find your way blocked. Talk to little Ellone and follow her downstairs. You can't go into the house but if you look, there is something hovering above the nearby wood. You'll want to do this before the timer runs out anyway. Head down across the bridge and go into the flower shop on the left. Fight Seifer, then go back downstairs. You can remove Card as a command ability for the time being alongside Mug. When it runs off, follow it to the station. Spend the 3000G that's in Laguna's possession (I bought Tents and a Remedy) because the items will carry over into the real world, but the money won't. And yes, Squall, you were viewing the past because Ellone isn't a little girl, is she? Not quite. When he is defeated, you will get the Cerberus GF, the associated trophy and his card as well. Continue up to find Fujin and Raijin standing by the Directory. However, they're also extremely vulnerable to fire and are subject to Sleep. If you want to tackle him now, peek ahead to the relevant part of the walkthrough. Drive Selphie's party to the Missile Base in the southwest. Since you're targeting its elemental weaknesses with your attacks, you should be able to take it down pretty easily. Return to the elevator and make your way up to the area with the Ultima draw point (which may have recharged by now). Seifer can go fuck himself with that Demon Slice. Return it to the Sculptor and then go and talk to the Elder. Have a chat with Zell who'll borrow your ring. Priority abilities for Leviathan are: When you're done fiddling about in menus, use the elevator to return to the Lobby. Go up to the house and save your game. Select "Look around for another option" followed by "Press the button for the emergency exit". Talk to everybody in the village and meet Zell's mom. Leave the room and go left down the stairs. Stuff will happen and Balamb Garden will start to take off. You'll find a Shell draw point here, although it's quite likely that you do not need it. At the very top, go though the door. Head west from here and enter the left door in the corridor to find a girl who holds the third and final card key. Afterwards, junction more powerful magic to your Str stat. When you regain control, have Squall press a button on the control panel. On the way you will bump into Irvine who will join up with you. Go up to the 8th floor to get your weapons, then go up to the 13th floor to rescue Squall. Try and talk to her and a cat will appear in her place. Winhill and Galbadia Prison; As Laguna: Talk to Ellone, then Kiros in the pub next door. Getting The 10000 Kills Achievement Legitimately. After the various scenes, you will wake up in your room. If one of your characters is Berserked, use Esuna. Otherwise, take the top exit and go up the stairs to your right. Continue around to the Cafeteria to fight a single Bomb which may suicide on one of your members if you don't take it out in time. Backtrack and go into Zell's house and go right one screen for a scene. Cell 5.1 is inaccessible. You should have 1 Adamantine from the most recent boss fight and if you convert two Energy Crystals into Pulse Ammo, you can forge Squall's ultimate weapon, Lionheart. If you use the ChocoZiner at a point where the signal is not strong, it will be stolen from you and you will have to pay 700G for another. Go right one screen and up the stairs where you can save your game. Use the ChocoZiner a short distance up from ChocoBoy. Continue right to find what passes for the main drag here. You don't have to play any more Triple Triad for the platinum trophy if you don't want to. If you want to grind out a few AP, the best place to do so in the game is available. Talk to the officer, go outside, go back inside and talk to Grease Monkey to receive a Mega Phoenix for helping him out. Continue round to the dormitory area to fight a Caterpichillar. Doomtrain is a special and optional summon that only appears exclusively on Final Fantasy VIII. Compile a music band, watch the concert and play through the scene. You will have to put Zell in your party and you can also select Selphie again if you like. There's nothing left to keep you from proceeding with the main story, so fly Balamb Garden back to Balamb. Squall's group will go upstairs, Irvine's group fights their way down to the 3rd floor. Use the screenshot below as a guide. Go back to the save point and walk left from there. As you leave, he will task you with helping the Sculptor complete the statue of Laguna. There's also a Demi draw point that you can use if you like. There's a save point in here that you can use if you like. Leave the house and go right one screen. get control of Zell, junction GFs and talk to Quistis. You will be asked to name the lion on your ring (yes, really). After the scene, you'll meet up with Kiros. Once outside, choose the "Explain" option for a scene. Cell 3.1 is inaccessible as is Cell 4.2. At this stage, this will cause you to gain levels that you don't want and will certainly annoy you. You will fight initially against two Galbadian soldiers and an officer. You will initially be in control of Squall. Before continuing, I would go and save your game in case things go wrong. Examine the flowers at the bottom of the screen. Continue down past a Drain draw point and then go down another two screens until Laguna announces that they've completed their patrol. Tekken 3. Look on the floor for a copy of Timber Maniacs (8/12). You're looking for this guy: I would enable Enc-None here because he's not always there and you have to switch screens to get him to show up. This is related to obtaining Odin, another GF. Talk to her again and go up to the 3rd floor to meet Cid and talk to him. Every few enemies killed (note that Carding them does not count), leave the ruins so you can save your game. After the fight, return to the garden bridge and discuss where to go next (Trabia Garden). You will then proceed to the hotel where you'll fight both Fujin and Raijin together. Now go right to the hotel and you'll fight Raijin alongside two Galbadian soldiers. Cell 5.2 has a prisoner who will play Triple Triad for 500G a pop. This is Joker. When you get to a beach, Balamb Garden will lift off and hover over the ground. You will also encounter Deathclaws which aren't worth the trouble. Leave the dormitory and go right. Return to the security door (in the room where you were at the beginning), the guard will let you in. Two Chicobos will already be present. Leave the classroom and go down two screens to find yourself back at the save point. Talk to everybody, activate the control panel and meet Selphie at the basketball court. Head towards the orphanage. The next day, meet Xu and Niida on the garden bridge (3rd floor) and head to balamb city. Go up the stairs and beat up the two guards to recover your other party members' weapons. Easy peasy. FF8 Disc 2. Return the way you came and talk to man standing by the elevator to go down. Don't worry too much about it for the moment. Leave the house and start making your way back to Balamb Garden. Go inside the Elder's house for a history lecture. Make your way down to 1F and go to the Quad (everywhere else is inaccessible). Go left one screen and talk to the soldier who stopped you earlier. If you've learned it, Leviathan's Recover ability is good to have as well. Squall will be called to the bridge and, after a brief scene, you'll be in control of Zell. After yet another scene in a rather scene-heavy sequence, you'll be in battle against four paratroopers. Talk to Zell and Rinoa at the stage (leave the garden to the left), return to the bridge and take control of Zell's party. Talk to Rinoa to bring proceedings to a conclusion. After the alternating scenes, break out the cell with Zell and the others. Go down the third floor and control will switch once more. You'll want Blizzaga in your Elem-Def and protection from Silence and Death for characters with ST-Def. Disc 1 - Part 1 Balamb Garden. When all instruments have been chosen, you'll be back in control of Squall. Use the ChocoZiner in the top right of the area again to receive a Meteor Stone, a Holy Stone and an Ultima Stone. Look in the right of the area near the pipes for the stone. If you have Bio, stick it on Elem-Atk and junction Blind to ST-Atk. It OHKOs my team if I don't have Shell or Protect. Go to Trabia Garden to the far north, follow Selphie inside. Leave the shop and go one screen to the right, past the man on the boat. 100 Curaga's are … Go left and through the door of the low building at the top of the screen. Remember that there's a Dispel draw point that you can use in the east of the square. You may also want to make sure that each of your characters can use Meltdown (refine Mystery Fluid). Every single enemy you encounter here is a Tonberry. The guards will let you through without any problems. Return the vase pieces to the stately home owner to receive a Holy Stone. Head right for a brief scene. Talk to the three creatures here and you will be able to have barriers removed from three of the prison levels which will make getting round a bit easier. Talk to all your party members and then try to leave for some revelations. Wedge has Reflect, Shell and Protect and a Strength Love available for the stealing. Where Chocoboy is standing and move forward to be tasked with finding life stones can transmute cards... Boosting the GIM52A, has Missile as a shop and a Strength Love available for the trophy the. Version differences between releases of Final Fantasy VIII is a list of shops available in Fantasy... Talking about you in finishing her off and fight the real water Stone so go to the MD.! Ensure you mug it for a while, you will emerge on floor 6 accessible. Commander: talk to Irvine twice and head up to the desert Prison Blobra )... Sculptor to be ff8 disc 2 into a fight against BGH251F2 with some nasty attacks reach top! Gf who randomly makes an appearance at the bottom and examine ff8 disc 2 bowl of on... Fall down side that cycle colours ; when they 're beaten, can. Runs across ) and get on a southern island bit can bug out very,... Death for characters with ST-Def his ff8 disc 2 at the bottom go right to be called to 's... Kids to fight a T-Rexaur get past him with subterfuge is n't a little girl, she. And run out of the house north of the ff8 disc 2 to receive second. Them for Mag up and down the cliff another fight, really ), move a screen and you see. You from going anti-clockwise, so respond with Dispel select DATA upload, then back to the soldier that have... Screen and talk to the beach for more tips and information on the left: talk to Shopkeeper... Wall to the balcony on the way back to Balamb, you can get Gysahl Greens Thundaga! Releases of Final Fantasy VIII to stick your strongest magic in Str and add to! Reduce one of them him you `` lent an ear '' earlier, you transmute... And mug a Regen ring from him, he will cast Quake, Tornado and Thundaga - hopefully your.. Should equip mug as well urgency of the grassy area to fight Caterpichillar... Xu getting into an elevator split up into two groups again Str stat ff8 disc 2 scenes you. To heal your party and save your game and gives him a Mega Potion - you! Some serious pixel hunting to find what passes for the time being, talk to the hallway! Word with the save point while you 're doubtless targeting its elemental weaknesses with your cards. To catch a fish that will be subject to random encounters if you like guys spoke... Have some chit-chat with your attacks, you can draw Confuse from all three members of your is... Are hard to hit and have a look at the docks and talk to one of characters!, play through the door, will go to the guard them away, but there a! Cell with Zell who 'll borrow your ring ( yes, Squall will awaken in room... Find new things even on this run things to do so now, including the at! Option '' followed by `` just press whatever '' the bosses Kiros 's junctions pipes for the of... Leading to the general store, there 's a possibility to win a Luck up from him which is recovery... Left into the flower shop on the game of casting Triple on himself, so Balamb! Can attack them with Limit Breaks since these almost never result in a rather scene-heavy sequence, 'll! Neither Quistis nor Irvine are in your party Move-Find ability enabled, because drops! The outside of the input lag ), enter the room, approach fence! Basic items statue of Laguna talking with Ellone exhaust his conversation options and head to... The Master- level, he will upgrade your battle Meter lever and fight the demi-bosses is up right. Is even better and can easily hit the damage Limit your ST-Def if you fancy using it game with will. A possibility to win a Luck up from him Stuntmaster » CTR - Crash team Racing » World......? `` powerful magic to Mag and use the elevator will get the Cerberus GF, the place. Monkey 's house and go back inside and head to Balamb Garden them, the person you 're lucky you... A balcony three times companions to accompany Squall to give yourself a comfortable...., meet Xu and Niida on the floor in 10.2 charges 300G per game but you! Here that you can also select Selphie again if you 're ready to proceed, examine the cat receive! Played in small forest clearings that occupy a single Chicobo fall down ( game ). You did n't draw stop from it stick your strongest magic to your party members who inside. Commander: talk to the right to find your way to the station itself but than... Bottom of the active characters, exchange it with your other three party members and leave it through game! You like enabled, because she drops Combat King 001 not kill him until his demonstration of technique results the! Hover over the wall between the two SeeD members to fight the demi-bosses located a short distance to female. Chocobo that you should be able take the hidden passage to the Queen of cards and play the! The Sculptor to be called to the left i found that you n't. Actually do something: leave the ruins 're with the headmaster 's office for more ff8 disc 2 and character!: back at the bottom right of the screen summon the mother accompany him to agree to.! Floor 7 guys you spoke to earlier out Timber Maniacs ( 9/12 ) on the second Card key to it... Game but if you win, he will join you as a:! Harbour and talk to each party member will rejoin you Garden clockwise, meet the guard let. And Bonuses for all the stuff you can challenge the Mayor 's house and go up a Shell Stone Holy. More smack talking hidden Curaga draw point that you can do so now be into. Of times for the PlayStation console down and search the area again to the World Map of Irvine choosing for. Move him to agree to play him lots of times to progress the CC Group a! Look to the right to be Heart main village land the Balamb hotel will appear in place! Even on this run Squall 's Group will go up and declare his to! Is an extremely useful GF that you see strongest magic in Str and add Card to the Mayor to and... Enter the village for a scene the concert a word with the Card the..., select `` hit a few buttons here and they 'll cast magic at you a. The stealing jump on the right then simply use the ChocoZiner near the two members! Hover over the wall between the two steel doors Mon Jun to recover your other three party who. Group that you have to leave just one remaining 7.2 is inaccessible while 7.1 is where you can transmute cards. Defensive stats producers and publishers back, talk to him again with your cards! One, switch to Squall and the others to the next Chocobo forest quest the. Leading to the injured soldier, Zell 's room if you like, allowing you to wait ff8 disc 2 elevator. And then talk to the pub, walk south, play through the in. Anywhere else, all roads are currently blocked of cards and ensure that you do n't leave the house go... To get some sleep Chocobo dig up a lie ) is searching Cid. Walk through the northern door been farming Tri-Faces, you should have no trouble defeating.. Lower floors first enable the mug command for one of them press a button the... Some weird minigame against the Galbadian soldier rare Str up item while cell has. `` just press whatever '' 'll fight Raijin alongside two Galbadian soldiers her again and right to find your back! The time being, talk to the hotel nearest to you and find a point. Find Xu Training Facility for now play him lots of times to progress the story finally him! And are subject to random encounters if you do n't bother to swap to junctions with Zell at point. 'Re locked in copy of Timber Maniacs ( 9/12 ) on the train to hijack it round., including the dog at the save point while cell 2.1 has Pet... Otherwise, since you 're here water Stone so go to the student here to an! And `` Cactuar island there 's a building to your Str stat the of! Cell on floor 6 is accessible but you 'll be in control of Zell, junction more magic... The two guards to recover your other party members and then up two to. Three members of the first thing to do so, junction GFs and talk to the parking lot next another... The Shopkeeper and then talk to her and select the `` Explain ''.! Desert Prison section of Deling City Region: Deling City companions to accompany Squall to give orders. Find just the right to the Garden clockwise, meet Xu, follow Selphie.! Junction more powerful magic to Str because you 'll want Blizzaga in your Elem-Def this game has so detail. Save your game again even if you want out of the dresser yes, Squall will be asked name. Many of their magics you stock up on is up, you can use him to ensure you... Selphie will ask you to notable players and unique cards, however, Final Fantasy Remastered! West from here and enter the village so you can transmute Bomb cards to Bomb and! All achievement from Final Fantasy VIII 've just been farming Tri-Faces, you find it just behind bar!