They introduced the extra cabin class back on international B747s in February 2008, and then on their new fleet of A380s in August 2008. Premium Economy Stretch out and relax in our award-winning Premium Economy cabin, with luxurious levels of space and attentive service. Qantas unveiled their new premium economy seat in 2017 with the launch of their first Dreamliners. With a width of “up to” 22.8 inches (but actually a bit less because of the way Qantas measures it), the seat is slightly wider than Qantas’ existing premium economy seat. The new Premium Economy seat is based on a prototype by Thompson Aero Seating and heavily customised by leading Australian industrial designer David Caon. Qantas will be flying that plane between Melbourne (MEL) and Los Angeles (LAX) in December 2017, and then between Perth (PER) and London (LHR) in March 2018. Full review and more pictures at AusBT → So, I bought these tickets outright. Qantas new Premium Economy seats are 10% wider with a … Qantas treated us admirably in Premium Economy, and we scored an Economy -> Business points upgrade about 22 hours prior to departure for LAX-JFK – win! Qantas’ new premium economy seats are almost 10 per cent wider than the existing premium economy cabin on its Boeing 747 and Airbus A380 superjumbo, and has a deeper recline. Watch the video to see more of Emirates’ Premium Economy seat.. On this latest Emirates A380, the airline’s 14 First Class private suites have been enhanced from the original suites, being slightly wider with taller doors, for even more privacy and comfort. QANTAS 787-9 premium economy San Francisco to Melbourne 02. It is also worth noting that Qantas will be introducing improved premium economy seating for its new Boeing Dreamliner 787 aircraft in October this year. “Developing a new seat comes with its own set of challenges and opportunities. Best example is Qantas and its "revolutionary" Boeing 787 premium economy seat. The new seat has a unique recline motion that moves various parts of the seat providing more body support and greater comfort. Premium Economy on the 787-9 Dreamliner will feature a separate cabin of 28 seats, configured in a two-three-two layout. Okay, some aspects of the design were new such as the legrest system but that same system was also over complicated and the pitch was way too tight to make it useful at all. Qantas premium economy… Non-bulkhead rows (row 21-23) measured 38 inches of pitch, while the bulkhead row 20 has significantly more knee room, but less room to stretch out your legs due to the bulkhead. The A380s are often referred to as the flagship of Qantas, as they only fly on long-haul international routes, including: Sydney – Dallas/Fort Worth; Sydney – Hong Kong (during peak season only, on selected flights) They have a sale on now for Economy fares that will be in the timeframe of our cruise. Vietnam Airlines A321 business class Singapore to Ho Chi Minh City 07. A key feature of the new seat is a unique ergonomic reclining motion which ensures the body is These seats are similar to the ones they have on the 787, and are in a 2-3-2 configuration. Qantas touts its Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner premium economy seat as 'revolutionary' and a world champion in the better-than-economy stakes. QF25 Itinerary. I may have only flown it for the first time recently, but premium economy is nothing new for Qantas. The first and second legs on our around the world trip were from Sydney to New York, via a 23 hour stopover at LAX. Qantas has just unveiled the next generation of Premium Economy seats which will debut on their Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners from October 2017. Air New Zealand 777 Premium Economy Review (Auckland-Sydney) Virgin Australia 737 Economy Review (Darwin-Melbourne) Qantas 747 Business Class Review (QF28 Santiago-Sydney) There's much to like about Qantas' new premium economy seat, which sits in its own cabin of four rows with a 2-3-2 seating layout. Emirates premium economy lounge access. Qantas’ solid premium economy service is a perfect way to begin your trip to Australia. While Qantas says that these seats are almost 10% wider, they haven’t been especially popular with passengers. Thai Airways 747-400 business class (upper deck) Sydney to Bangkok 05. The seat was heralded as a revolutionary premium economy seat, and whilst that claim has been met with scepticism, we have to say it holds up for comfort. QANTAS 737-800 first class Melbourne to Sydney 03. With more than 40 direct flights to Australia each week and as Australia’s largest domestic network, Qantas makes traveling to and around Australia a breeze. Qantas’ wide-bodied, double-decker has first and economy cabins downstairs, five rows of economy class on the upper deck at the back of the plane – mostly reserved for Qantas’ flight programme members, 35 premium economy seats, and 64 lie-flat business class seats. Premium Economy will be located in a cabin of its own with a 28 seats in a 2-3-2 formation. The Gulf colossus this weekend took delivery of the first of three factory-fresh superjumbos due in December, but says that only one of those "will feature its long-awaited signature Premium Economy product." Qantas has unveiled its new premium economy seat, which will debut on the airline’s fleet of Boeing 787-9 aircraft from Oct-2017. Qantas New A380 Premium Economy Qantas New A380 Premium Economy – Image courtesy of Qantas. Qantas unveils new premium economy seats to debut on the Dreamliner. Booking Qantas Premium Economy With Points. Qantas CEO Alan Joyce (seated on the left) and CFO Tino La Spina (seated on the righ) test out the premium economy seat for the airline's new 787-9 Dreamliner on Feb. 23, 2017. Qantas will also nearly be doubling the number of premium economy seats they have on the A380s, and will update the seat to the ones they have on their 787s. Emirates Premium Economy is located at the front of the main deck, with 2 lavatories dedicated to customers. There’s a new premium economy seat product in the upgraded A380, which first debuted on Qantas’ Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner. Boeing 747-400; Qantas has nine in its fleet and over the last few years has put them through an internal refit with fully-flat "Skybeds" in business class, and new seats and a … This ticket costs approximately $900 (AU$1,100) per person one-way. The new seat is almost 10% wider than the current Premium Economy product, with even more recline. : Vietnam Airlines A350-900 business … Frequent flyers may find a relatively high number of premium economy seats available as this new travel class is rolled out to new routes. Qantas new premium economy seat – rear. Just as with the Business Class cabin, Qantas has installed the same seats in the A380’s new Premium Economy cabin as are found in the … Emirates' first Airbus A380 fitted with all-new premium economy seats will arrive this month, although premium economy won't be launched until sometime in the first half of 2021.. Image Credit: Qantas. There are 60 (up by 25) premium economy seats in a 2-3-2 layout. New Qantas A380 Premium Economy. In the 2019 Skytrax awards, Virgin Atlantic, Singapore Airlines and Air New Zealand were named the world’s top three premium economy airlines. IT’S the biggest bugbear in the skies: reclining. Qantas’ new A380 onboard lounge. Qantas came in sixth and Virgin Australia eighth. The new A380’s expanded Premium Economy cabin will feature 60 seats – up from 35 – that are 10 per cent wider than Qantas’s existing Premium Economy seats and are laid out in a two-three-two configuration to allow maximum aisle access to passengers. The new Premium Economy seat is based on a prototype by Thompson Aero Seating and heavily customised by leading Australian industrial designer David Caon. Air New Zealand lounge Sydney 04. Working with Thompson and Qantas, I think we’ve created a new standard for Premium Economy,” Mr Caon said. The introduction of the Qantas Business Suite, replacing the previous Skybeds, in a 1:2:1 configuration that now gives aisle access to every passenger. My Qantas Conclusion: It was fun to compare the Qantas economy, Premium Economy, and business class cabins. Qantas' newly designed premium economy seats, pictured, recline in a way purported to be more comfortable both for the passenger and the one behind them and will debut on the airline’s new … Premium economy seats on the Qantas 787-9 Dreamliner are arranged in four rows of 2-3-2 seating. The 787-9 will feature a Premium Economy cabin with 28 seats, in a 2-3-2 configuration. “Developing a new seat comes with its own set of challenges and opportunities. Alternatively, you can book this flight using airline miles. The installation of the new Premium Economy seat (first debuted on the Qantas Dreamliner) and increasing the number of seats from 35 to 60. Thai Airways A350-900 business class Bangkok to Singapore 06. The premium economy cabin, located at the back of the upper deck, is increasing in size from 35 seats to 60 seats (that’s a huge capacity increase). Where You Can Fly Qantas Premium Economy. The new Premium Economy cabin will feature 28 seats with a 2-3-2 layout to improve aisle access for middle passengers. Does anyone know if Qantas ever has a sale on the Premium Economy fares? It’s unfortunate to say that even the domestic economy cabin was an upgrade over their Premium Economy. Working with Thompson and Qantas, I think we’ve created a new standard for Premium Economy,” Mr Caon said. I really wanted the extra room in Premium Economy, but there is a big difference in price. Qantas’ New A380 Premium Economy. The first Qantas A380 superjumbo to undergo a major revamp takes to the air on Tuesday, featuring new business class and premium economy seats as well as a redesigned on-board lounge. They booked Qantas Premium Economy for the Sydney to Tokyo-Haneda flight, which is currently served by a Qantas 747. Qantas operates a total of 12 Airbus A380s, all of which offer First, Business, Premium Economy and Economy Class. I initially thought the Premium Economy cabin on the 747 would be my favorite, but that cabin was the worst of the three.


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